Activate remote sales

Presentation Mode

Initiate presentation mode for enhanced remote selling, including mobile previews, boardroom pitches, and video call engagements.

A digital presentation center at your fingertips

Presentation mode allows you to sell anywhere anytime.

Benefits and Features

Sell Anywhere

Digitize your presentation center experience and extend the sales opportunities beyond the physical sales center.

The presentation mode provides additional sales touch points to equip your sales team with a presentation tool that's easy to onboard and provides more ways to sell.

Boardroom Selling

Easily cast to tv screens from your computer and present the property in a macro to micro journey.

Video Calls

Navigate potential buyers through an immersive digital presentation center from your computer.

On the Go Sales

Equip sales teams with a tablet interactive presentation tool to present and sell anywhere anytime.

Foreign Markets

Engage foreign buyers and use the presentation mode to gain valuable data and insights to fine tune your sales strategy.

Explore the other modes

Proxima HQ is one platform for all touch points across all devices.

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